What should we do to improve product and services accessibility For visually impaired and blind individuals

Hello friends, yet  another post this time is a textbased. In this 1 I want to put my thoughts down what to do about the accessibility, what shall we do ourselves and how to advise others about it. I hope that is useful to you, […]

Talking with Gil Elgrably about future navigation enhancements, possibilities, and what role it plays for blind and visually impaired individuals

Hello friends, yet another episode has arrived. This time I am talking with Gil Elgrably Co-Founder, CTO of Right-Hear. In this interview we discussed lots of interesting ideas I list some of them below Beacon’s Navigation issues for the blind indoor navigation possibilities and the […]

How to conveniently share content between your devices,and how that will improve your productivity

Hello friends, 1st podcast episode is out, exciting times. Actually anything 1st is strange and weird usually, so this podcast episode is not exception. This episode contains information about 2 ways how to share the content between your devices easier, I am going through the […]