The very 1st steps of techVB

It is a bit strange to write my 1st article onTechVB , but it has to be done, so here I am writing this 1 just to introduce myself. My name is Vytautas, but many people call me V, so that is how I will be calling myself  on this website. V is easy to remember and everyone has their nicknames nowadays.

The Covid pandemic strike us like a lightning, nobody saw coming, but we will survive as we always do. As people say there is always positive to any situation, and extra time is the one positive that I can count in for sure.  So having some free time in my hands I decided to move my idea forward and create this website that contains useful information for visually impaired and blind individuals.

As of right now, I am not really sure how this idea will expand, but nonetheless I am curious and I am hoping for the best. I said on about TechVB page that the primary goal of this website is to provide useful content, and that is what I’m hoping to achieve. I hope later on to receive some contributions  with a variety of topics that are focused on technologies from like minded individuals like myself. 

There are lots of groups on Facebook and other social media platforms dedicated to gather blind and visually impaired individuals together,  and purpose of it all of course is to share their knowledge and opinions.  I want this website to become a well organized and accessible resource that contains content written  by blind and vision impaired individuals and contain knowledge and experiences that is useful  to all of us.

I hope that text above contains good summary about what are the goals of  this website, and you have clear idea about what’s about to come. So join me in this beautiful journey of technology that hopefully contains even greater accessibility innovations.