How to conveniently share content between your devices,and how that will improve your productivity

Hello friends, 1st podcast episode is out, exciting times. Actually anything 1st is strange and weird usually, so this podcast episode is not exception.

This episode contains information about 2 ways how to share the content between your devices easier, I am going through the process how to use 2 different methods of content sharing.

1 The Pushbullet service

2 The barcode generation technique

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So, get comfy and enjoy the podcast…


  • Google chrome browser addon QR Code Generator

As I said in the podcast,  the qr code addon doesn’t matter as much as long as it generates the qr code that your smartphone can use. I am using chrome browser as my choice, but if you use other browser there is plenty choice for sure.
If by any chance this setup does not work for you, you can also look for QR code reader in the appstore. As I said in the podcast I am using a default camera app on iOS to read qr ccodes.