Talking with Gil Elgrably about future navigation enhancements, possibilities, and what role it plays for blind and visually impaired individuals

Hello friends, yet another episode has arrived. This time I am talking with Gil Elgrably Co-Founder, CTO of Right-Hear. In this interview we discussed lots of interesting ideas I list some of them below

  • Beacon’s
  • Navigation issues for the blind
  • indoor navigation possibilities and the future of it
  • Right-Hear navigation app for blind and visually impaired
  • How important is to contribute your ideas to the developers

In this episode you will hear talk us about those things that are listed above and more of course. I was very excited to do this interview, and I aimed to extract as much information as I can so it is interesting for our geekiest community.

Once again, I will remind you to use the contact us page if you have any ideas or recommendations, I love to read those and I am more then happy to learn from you and communicate interesting ideas how to enhance the techVB community.

So, as I say every time relax, get comfy, and enjoy the podcast.


The link below will take you to the Facebook group, in which you can discuss the app features and suggest new ones, Gil told me that you can provide your feedback and suggest new ideas there.

Right-Hear Social media channels below, if you want to contact them they are a friendly bunch and they can answer any questions you may have.