Content sharing 2.0, I consider this app a bit of software magic

Hello friends, yet another episode from me, another one about content sharing. At this time though it is more advanced, and even more fun then the 1st content sharing podcast. Maybe not,  I am not sure, however in this podcast you will learn how to share files between your computer and your iPhone like a boss, without using iTunes. Personally I never saw this type of tutorial presented on the iPhone, but I looked into SMB sharing and I found this app called”FE File Explorer Pro”

I did some googling, and I found out that this app is also available for android, I suppose I haven’t done my research right because I didin’t mention that on my podcast. For android users at least you will have the idea what this app does and how to set it up, because it does not differ how you set that up on Windows whether that’s iOS or android.

If I have to describe the app and the purpose of it, I would say it is advanced file manager with plenty file transfer protocols available. To be honest I am using this app every day and as the title suggests it is a bit of software magic. When I found out about this app and tested all of its features, I was surprised to be honest how well it works and how fast it is. In this podcast episode you will find out how to use this app, what are its benefits, and how to set up this content sharing environment properly.

So as I always say, get comfy and enjoy the podcast.


There are 2 versions of this app free and pro, I am linking you to the Pro version, because it does not cost much only $4.99 and it is definitely worth the price, some apps would charge you a subscription for this functionality no doubt about it.

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