The future is AI, so what are it’s benefits for blind and visually impaired individuals

Hello folks, another episode from me. This time is going to be a monologue recording of me talking about AI in general and what features and enhancements it will bring in the area of accessibility.

I explained what AI is, types of AI. It is more then likely not 100% accurate. I just explained my opinion based on my knowledge about AI and what accessibility improvements we can expect from it.
Towards the end of the podcast, I provided some text-to-speech examples generated by artificial intelligence models in the cloud.

I have to say I really like AI capabilities thus far, and I am very positive that it will bring amazing features that are useful to blind and visually impaired individuals, knowing the fact how fast the science improves in this particular area I have no doubts that in 10 years time it will surpass our expectations.

So, get comfy and enjoy the podcast.