Fascinating conversation with Hans Jørgen Wiberg, The founder of Be My Eyes app that helps thousands blind and visually impaired individuals to be more independent

Hello, yet another episode has arrived.  As the title suggests I am talking with the founder of Be My Eyes app Hans Jørgen Wiberg. In this podcast episode we talked about a lot of stuff, of course primarily it was about be my eyes app itself, and how it came to be.

I invited him to come to this podcast, because he created something that is absolutely free and helps thousands of blind and vision impaired individuals to be more independent, so I was curious how it happened and what’s the story behind it. So, you will hear us talking about that and more of course.

The goal of this podcast was to answer the following questions

  • Who is the person behind the be my I’s app?
  • How Hans come up with the idea?
  • How he put this idea into practical actions?
  • Why this app is free? And what is the business model behind it, so it is sustainable?
  • What issues this app is trying to solve?
  • How does it compare with service like Aira?
  • Any new features that we can expect from this app in the future?
  • Some interesting stories and use cases
  • Other people experience from the users and volunteer’s perspective

I am glad to say that I got answers to all of the questions listed above, and more. This podcast episode also contains topics that are not related with be my eyes app itself, like issues with accessibility in other areas and his personal experience in being visually impaired. We also talked about new social media phenomenon called Clubhouse, and how is that useful to blind and visually impaired individuals.

I always try to obtain as much information as possible about the personal experience from the person I am interviewing, and this 1 is not exception. Hans shares his personal experiences and some book recommendations Also other life related wisdom. I have to say I really enjoyed this conversation, and it was really interesting how this app became what it is right now, and what was his motives behind it. I truly think that everyone who is interested in this type of content will find something enjoyable and meaningful in this conversation.

There is one really amazing upcoming feature in this app that I am super excited about, but to know what it is, you have to listen for yourself…

So, relax, get comfy and enjoy the podcast…