It’s never easy, Joe Rogan and Jesse Itzler talking about life and happiness, motivational mix

Hello dear visitors, some of you are guests, some of you are frequent readers. I have unusual post for you today, I made a motivational audio clip that contains Joe Rogan and Jesse Itzler talking about life and happiness. I was watching JRE video one day, and I realized that he speaking so much truth in his words and ideas, so therefore I decided to make an emotional motivation clip out of that. It’s not tech related, as I said it is just life ideas of his, which aligns with my podcast intro: we talk Tech, Accessibility and Life, so that is the life hard for you.

It will be inspiring for some, or total garbage for others, but nonetheless I think there is lots of true in his words and in my opinion his thoughts and explanations about life are pinpoint accurate.It is not life-changing idea or speech, however I think if you learn something out of it you can always apply that as practice, so therefore can be inspiring if you choose to bring something with you out of it.

It is just a content idea that probably won’t be repeated quite soon again, as I am thinking right now maybe wise words should have music arrangement that reflects the mood and the message. Okay, I got too philosophical here, but it’s not all about tech.

So, as I always say, relax, get comfy and enjoy the motivational mix this time, not the podcast.


the original clip:

The song used as a background