The next steps of TECHVB

This is my 11th post, I am celebrating 10 post birthday ha, not really, I just want to write a short update about the plans for TeCHVB future and include some personal thoughts.

A bit of personal diary I suppose, that’s what I am starting with. When I wrote my first post, it was just the plan to have something working and do something good for blind and visually impaired individuals, but now it grew to 10 posts and fully working website.

I am not entirely sure to be honest what to think exactly, it feels good actually when the idea in your head transforms into something that you can work with, and show to others. I’m happy how this project of mine turned out, my idea of the directory that contains helpful and practical information to blind and visually impaired individuals is complete in terms of its structure. Later on, I will possibly add useful resources category, and of course I think of something else. To be honest, I have so much ideas for this website, but all of that requires planning and plans usually take longer than expected.

I don’t remember if I stated that already in my podcasts or on my previous posts, but I don’t want to be the only contributor to this website, as people say 2 heads are better than one, and I strongly believe that. So, with that said I will start looking for contributors to TechVB, because I want individuals to share their knowledge and show how to do things to other blind or visually impaired people. I can’t be the only one who provides content here, yes, in theory I can, but I don’t know everything and more people are posting here the better.

I think having more contributors is crucial, because if this website ever becomes useful directory with useful information, it needs more people to provide content and that translates to more than one contributor of course. So yeah, that’s my plans and desires for this website, whether it will work out, or don’t, we will see.

A message to you dear reader, if you’re reading this message by any chance and you want to contribute, you can start from sending me your suggestions. The best way to do so is by using the contact section on this website. I always read the messages from the followers, ideas and opinions is part of education, right? And education is what we’re trying to do here.

So that’s my update for you, some plans and desires, and some personal thoughts. I always love to share when I have something in mind. I hope all of this makes sense and I talk to you all on my next post.