AI potential and capabilities for blind and visually impaired with Dr. Susan McKeever


In this episode I am talking withDr. Susan McKeever Senior lecturer in School of Computer Science at Technological University Dublin. The main purpose behind this episode was To answer important questions such as: What AI can do for blind and visually impaired? What are the immediate, practical applications? What problems can be solved right now? and solutions for the future?
Susan is a pro in this field without a doubt, she is supervising PhD students in practical AI research and implementation, she also teaches advanced computer science subjects. It was very insightful and interesting conversation indeed.
We covered: image processing capabilities for object detection and scene recognition, current limitations, and what are improvements for the future. Susan explained innovative AI solution for enhancing navigation guidance, and explained how that can help in giving more precise information for blind and vision impaired individuals.
There is plenty more interesting and insightful ideas, as well as questions and answers, that should be interesting, particularly for blind and visually impaired folks, so enjoy this rather futuristic and educational conversation.