About TechVB

Long time ago I decided to create a website that contained useful information for the visually impaired and blind individuals. Needless to say it took me a long time to force myself and do it, however evidently it is live and working, hence your reading this page.

techVB stands for technology for visually impaired and blind individuals by the way. The goal of this website is to provide useful information and resources for visually impaired and blind users. TechVB.net aims to provide articles as well as podcasts that contain useful information about accessible apps, Windows applications and everything else in between that contains useful accessibility features and functions, and most important it is accessible to screenreaders.

I hope for this website to become useful resource that contains useful and unbiased information provided by knowledgeable individuals and help other users to learn more about the power of technology and accessibility.

I am encouraging you to use the contact form and provide feedback as well as ideas that could be implemented in the future, by doing so you are contributing to the idea of useful information for visually impaired and blind individuals in helping this website to grow.

Thank you for visiting, and remember knowledge is power and sharing is caring.