It’s never easy, Joe Rogan and Jesse Itzler talking about life and happiness, motivational mix

Hello dear visitors, some of you are guests, some of you are frequent readers. I have unusual post for you today, I made a motivational audio clip that contains Joe Rogan and Jesse Itzler talking about life and happiness. I was watching JRE video one […]

Fascinating conversation with Hans Jørgen Wiberg, The founder of Be My Eyes app that helps thousands blind and visually impaired individuals to be more independent

Hello, yet another episode has arrived.  As the title suggests I am talking with the founder of Be My Eyes app Hans Jørgen Wiberg. In this podcast episode we talked about a lot of stuff, of course primarily it was about be my eyes app […]

In-depth interview with NVDA contributor Joseph Lee, We talked about Screen readers, Education, and everything else accessibility related

Hey folks, another interview this time. Joseph Lee is my guest, he’s quite famous for his contributions, primarily in NVDA add-on development. I have to say this interview is a bit lengthy, just because I want to talk with him about everything I had in […]

What should we do to improve product and services accessibility For visually impaired and blind individuals

Hello friends, yet  another post this time is a textbased. In this 1 I want to put my thoughts down what to do about the accessibility, what shall we do ourselves and how to advise others about it. I hope that is useful to you, […]