Introduction to accessibility standards

image contains illustration of tech related icons, which are connected in the circle using lines between them.

In this article we are discussing standards and why it matters. The aim of this article is to break down 2 most important standards for accessibility, and answer the following questions what is the standard? Why standards matter? Why standards and accessibility are particularly important?

Become friends with developers

Illustration of person hands typing on the laptop keyboard, also, the screen of the laptop is visible and illustrates the code.

As a visually impaired individual my self, I encounter accessibility issues Nearly every day.  For example, websites, apps, and services can be difficult to navigate If it has   inaccessible interface or navigating with screen reader is complicated. As we know, it is the responsibility of the developer to make apps and services accessible to the … Read more

This article is produced by AI, and It is about AI

This image shows the illustration of artificial hand typing on the laptop.

The audio version of this post is below, and it contains identical content as a text article. Hello legendary creatures, I’m talking about us humans. Many people thinking right now I bet: what the heck? That’s weird, well, the topic is a bit science fiction, intrigued? let’s continue… Another week another post. If you haven’t … Read more