AI image captioning insights with Annika Lindh

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Annika offers insights on the AI image captioning technology, and explains what it is, how it works, and what are the current struggles. Currently, she is doing research on image captioning for blind and vision impaired individuals at TU (Technological University Dublin)

AI potential and capabilities for blind and visually impaired with Dr. Susan McKeever

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In this episode I am talking withDr. Susan McKeever Senior lecturer in School of Computer Science at Technological University Dublin. The main purpose behind this episode was To answer important questions such as: What AI can do for blind and visually impaired? What are the immediate, practical applications? What problems can be solved right now? and solutions for the future?

Fascinating conversation with Hans Jørgen Wiberg, The founder of Be My Eyes app that helps thousands blind and visually impaired individuals to be more independent

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Hello, yet another episode has arrived.  As the title suggests I am talking with the founder of Be My Eyes app Hans Jørgen Wiberg. In this podcast episode we talked about a lot of stuff, of course primarily it was about be my eyes app itself, and how it came to be. I invited him … Read more

In-depth interview with NVDA contributor Joseph Lee, We talked about Screen readers, Education, and everything else accessibility related

Hey folks, another interview this time. Joseph Lee is my guest, he’s quite famous for his contributions, primarily in NVDA add-on development. I have to say this interview is a bit lengthy, just because I want to talk with him about everything I had in mind and that is screen readers, education, what is the … Read more

Talking to Gold medal winner, Paralympics runner, Greta Streimikyte

Another day another episode friends, this time another interview with my dear friend Greta Streimikyte.  This young woman runs a lot and does it well, as I found out for myself during the interview. Either way, we had great conversation about sports, life and leisure time. The purpose of this podcast was to bring in … Read more

Talking with Gil Elgrably about future navigation enhancements, possibilities, and what role it plays for blind and visually impaired individuals

Hello friends, yet another episode has arrived. This time I am talking with Gil Elgrably Co-Founder, CTO of Right-Hear. In this interview we discussed lots of interesting ideas I list some of them below Beacon’s Navigation issues for the blind indoor navigation possibilities and the future of it Right-Hear navigation app for blind and visually … Read more