Capturing blind and visually impaired individuals’ opinion regarding accessibility of public transport services in Ireland

Important information

This questionnaire does not require any personally identifiable information; therefore, it is completely anonymous. Please notice This survey is designed to address and research the quality of public transport services in Ireland, and thus it is for Irish residents only. Furthermore, the survey aims to capture responses only from individuals who are blind or visually impaired.

This questionnaire is aiming to gather high-quality information which can be used to reliably identify the opinion and issues if any identified from blind and visually impaired individuals regarding public transport accessibility in Ireland.

The intent is to provide survey analysis to relevant authorities, and of course the point of that is to be able to draw the conclusions and use questionnaire results as a feedback mechanism for future improvements.

This survey will benefit us all, and   it aims to provide high-quality information that can potentially help us all to gain more independence. To do that of course, we have to have good indicators and data that can be used for decision making, that is why good number of responses are very important.

Please take your time when providing responses, , and please share this link to relative people that you know that could help this research to gain more respondents.

The link below will take you to the Google forms URL in which you will able to provide your feedback and suggestions.